Team Building Adventures

Mountain Survival

Mountain Survival is the ultimate business adventure and an incredible opportunity to mix outdoor fun into a business context. Groups will complete a series of stations containing a mix of mental and physical challenges and earn survival points. Successful teams will plan, communicate, co-operate, develop leaders, assess risks and solve complex problems throughout the adventure. The groups with the most survival points will earn survival awards.


Build a Shelter – using the equipment provided, imagination, and the natural resources build a temporary shelter/snow cave large enough to protect 5 members of your team from the elements. (Maybe substituted with Teepee or Expedition tent).

Search & Rescue – the teams will learn how to use a modern Avalanche Beacon and/or GPS unit and find hidden targets in the wilderness. It’s a great teamwork challenge.

Tyrolean Traverse – the teams learn how to set up a Tyrolean traverse and safely cross a stream on an overhead zip line with helmets, harnesses and rope.

Fire & Water – an essential survival skill is fire. The teams learn how to start a fire without any man-made materials and purify water using the boil method.

M*A*S*H/First Aid – the team is given a scenario that tells them one of their team just broke a leg. The team must designate someone to be injured and treat the injury appropriately using the first-aid kit. The team must then transport the injured victim to the Base camp checkpoint.


Group Size:

12 – 200 people

Team Sizes:

10 people


2 – 3 hours


Deer Valley Resort

Rendevous Ranch


The Canyons

Snowbird Resort

The Homestead

Wasatch and Uinta Mountains

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