Park City Teamworks


The mountains surrounding Park City have a rich silver mining heritage. Park City Teamworks builds on this heritage by helping business teams mine the riches that lie within. We believe that growth solutions lie within the hearts and minds of every team. We help mine those solutions with our blended learning model of ½ day indoor workshops, and ½ day outdoor adventures, so that the lessons can be brought to the surface where the team can share in the wealth.

Executive Team Retreats (2-4 hours)

We have found that the most effective leadership retreats follow a simple process of pre-reading a top business book, reflecting on the key lessons from the book, and then writing an action plan to tie the lessons back to the workplace.

The list below our some of our favorite business books, but we can also base the lessons on Fast Company or Harvard Business Review articles.



Sales Team Consulting (30-90 days)

In an economy that is asking most sales managers to grow sales with reduced staffing, we can be your “Sales Sherpa”. By performing most of the heavy lifting, we can get your sales team to the top while still keeping your fixed expenses down. Our Sales Consulting is led by our Founder, who has 25-years of leadership experience selling both services and technical products. Our consulting programs are custom designed for your team and focus on in-the-field training with the sales team and customers. Our framework is time tested and results driven.

Please contact us today to learn more about our sales consulting.


Group Size:

10 – 60 people

Team Sizes:

10 people


3 – 4 hours


Deer Valley Resort

The Canyons

Snowbird Resort


We can come to your
meeting location!