Team Building Adventure

Circle of Life

Circle of Life challenges small management teams to solve a seemingly simple challenge of building a traditional Native American shelter at the most spectacular settings in the Wasatch.


Faced with limited instruction, 17-foot Lodge Pine poles and a 75lb. Canvas, teamwork, creativity, leadership, collaboration and communication become essential for this timed event.

Circle of Life can be customized to give teams different resources (photo, core instructions or even a full manual) to challenge teams on their creativity, best practices and often force competing teams to work together.

All of our workshop adventures include a “descent” with guides and facilitators to explore opportunities and barriers and review how teams/companies went about their adventure challenge.

Our outdoor adventures quickly expose team dynamics and provide an incredible platform for business and learning workshops.

Cap off the adventure in your tipi with a lunch/dinner or perhaps even a creative brainstorming session.


Group Size:

7 – 200 people

Team Sizes:

7 – 10 people


2 – 3 hours


Deer Valley Resort

Rendezvous Ranch


The Homestead

The Canyons

Snowbird Resort

Wasatch and Uinta Mountains

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