Team Building Adventures

Alpine Discovery

Our most popular business adventure combining competition and collaboration!


A hybrid of mountain orienteering, hiking and special challenges, teams of 4-6 will navigate (GPS) a course for hidden camps where a series of stations containing a mix of mental and physical challenges await.

Successful teams will plan, communicate, cooperate, develop leaders, assess risks and solve complex problems throughout the adventure. Organizations negotiate competition vs. cooperation to achieve their goals.

Can be exclusively customized for business simulations where teams work within a budget to purchase supplies and gear, compete for revenue yet collaborate for overall profit ‘goals.’

Adventure guides also act as team facilitators to assist groups with safety and observe team dynamics for debriefing sessions to explore strengths, weaknesses and business “take-homes”.


Group Size:

15 – 150+ people

Team Sizes:

4 – 6 people


4 – 5 hours


Sundance Resort

Rendezvous Ranch

Deer Valley Resort

Soldier Hollow/Olympic Park

Red Rocks (Las Vegas)

Moab, UT

Pacific Northwest

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