Team Building Adventures

Adventure Seek

Team Adventure Seek is our version of the popular “geo-caching” combining Global Positioning System (GPS) technology with hiking, skiing or snowshoeing all coordinated into a business context.


Teams of 2-5 are taught how to operate GPS units. Our mountain or urban courses contain several hidden camps with dollar values associated by their difficulty to find.

Teams choose their own adventure to achieve their financial goals, compete against other teams and negotiate competition vs. collaboration as we compare you to other corporations who have been through our courses.

Successful teams will plan, communicate, cooperate, develop leaders, assess risks, transfer knowledge and solve problems throughout their adventure.

Successful companies will require their teams to work together.

The adventure “descent”/discussion focuses on what was learned, what teams could have done better, how companies could improve their performance and any “take homes” that can be used for their business.


Group Size:

10 – 150 people

Team Sizes:

2 – 5 people


2.5 – 3 hours


Sundance Resort

Rendezvous Ranch

Deer Valley Resort

The Canyons

Soldier Hollow

Snowbird Resort

Utah Olympic Park

Snow Basin

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